General Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions regulate the contractual relationship between the new medical GmbH & Co. KG for the portal cosmetic-op and the person who fills out the online application for a cosmetic surgery.

1. New medical exclusively appears as an intermediary between the patient and the chosen doctor. The contract over the medical services occurs directly between the patent and the doctors. Therefore, the doctors are the ones who are liable for the medical services.
2. Through the forwarding of the online application form for an intermediary of a cosmetic surgery, the patient submits a mandatory offer for the completion of an intermediary. Subject of the intermediary is a confirmation of appointment with a doctor. With the return of the operation order within 5 days after the forwarding of the order, the intermediary order between new medical and the patient comes into being.
3. In case you have any concern that your operation will be rejected due to health issues, it is advisable to conduct a capability test for the operation before you arrive at the clinic. In this case the results shouldn’t be older than 2 weeks.
4. The appointments for the consultation and the operation are coordinated and agreed upon by new medical, the doctor and the patients. A written confirmation (via email or postal) of the appointments, travel information and the reservation of the hotel or pension, will be send to the patient after he receives the signed operation order.
5. After receiving the confirmation of appointment, you transfer the accounted deposit of 20% of the operation costs within one week on the account that is written in the appointment confirmation, while you state your customer ID.
6. The remaining operation costs (80%), eventual costs for the stay in the hospital, compression clothes, support bra and laboratory tests (haemogram, electrocardiogram) are paid by the patient directly to the doctor.

In case the patient doesn’t adhere to the confirmed appointments, the patient has to pay the following cancellation fees:

Cancellation up to 21 days before the agreed operation appointment 250.-€ 

Cancellation within 21 days before the agreed operation appointment 500.-€

In case of an unexcused absence, the operation deposit will be cleared with the payable cancellation fee (500 €). The remaining balance will be refunded, differential amounts are demanded.

The patient has the right to prove that the doctor has no damage or that the damage that the doctor has received is lower than the compensation rate

In case the patient wants a postponement until 21 days of the original operation appointment, the appointment can be postponed for a fee of 75,- €. The new operation appointment must be taken within a time frame of 6 months (calculated from the original operation appointment).

In case the deposit is not paid by the patient, it has to be made immediately after the receipt of the postponement of the appointment.

In case a patient cancels an operation appointment that has already been changed, the cancellation fee accounts to 500,- €. A postponement of the appointment or cancellation must be in written form

The statutory right of withdrawal is unaffected by those regulations.

8. A cancellation at no charge for reserved hotels and pensions is possible up to 3 days before the arrival. In case of a later cancellation you have to pay the full room price.
9. In case the patient decides after the consultation that he does not want the surgery, the company new medical will refund the already paid deposit, despite of an expense allowance of 50,- €.
10. In case the surgery is not possible with the chosen doctor, because of medical reasons, the full deposit will be refunded to the patient.
11. In case an operation appointment does not come into being, because of carelessness, unpunctuality, or wrong allegations, the deposit will be accounted with the cancellation fee.
12. In case an operation appointment is not possible, because of an act of nature, or an illness of the doctor, no claim can be made against new medical, respectively the doctor.
13. All information that is provided by new medical is based on prior experiences of new medical with the cooperating doctors and clinics and is solely general information that can never replace individual consultations with the doctor.
14. The company new medical is not liable for medical services, travel and accommodation in the clinic, hotel or pension, because these contacts come into being between the patient and the mediated operator.
15. The company new medical is only liable for the mediation and for the advertising in Germany according to §13 Law on Advertising in the Health Care System (Heilmittelwerbegesetz). The medical information on this homepage are no replacement for a consultation or treatment through the doctor, neither is it allowed to make a diagnosis, start a treatment or stop a treatment based on this information. Apart from that, there is a warranty and liability according to the statutory regulations.
16. Information for consumers with distance contracts as well as customer information with contracts in the electronic business operations 
  1. We don’t succumb special and not mentioned codes of behavior.
  2. In the process of your order you have the possibility to recognize eventual input errors and to correct them with the help of delete and change functions, before you send the application form.
  3. The language for the completion of the contract is English.
  4. Complaints and warranty claims can be forwarded to the address you find in the imprint
  5. The text of the contract is not saved by us and therefore you can’t access the text through our platform. However, you can print the text of the contract with the print function of your browser and with the function “save” to save it on your computer
  6. The information to the payment, delivery and fulfillment can be found in the offer.
17. Miscellaneous
In regards to the contractual relationship between us and the patient, as well as on the business conditions, the right of the Federal Republic of Germany is applicable. In case the patient is consumer, the rights of the home country of the consumer stay unaffected, in order to protect the consumer. The application of the UN-right to buy stays excluded.
18. Competent court, if legitimate, is the district court Erding.
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