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Eye Lid Lift

Eyelid Lift – your professional eyelid lift in Czech Republic

With an eyelid lift you can remove superfluous skin (droopy eye lids) or small fat deposits (lachrymal sac). It is on you whether you want only one form of the eyelid lifting (upper or lower lid) or both (upper and lower lid).

An eyelid lift is taken into consideration from people who feel negatively affected in their appearance. Sagging and limp eyelids can decrease the natural charisma. Affected people often appear tired, depressed or even disinterested. This can lead to misunderstandings.

Limp Eyelids can often appear through aging. These so called bags under your eyes can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and on your self-image. In case you have a certain genetic predisposition, or in case you have spent a lot of time in the sun, these bags under your eyes can appear quite early. This can be corrected with an eyelid lift. Thanks to the offered eyelid lift in the Czech Republic you can get back your fresh and awake appearance back in an inexpensive way.

Our doctors in the Czech Republic are specialized in the eyelid lift. We from cosmetic-op are your direct contact in all belongings concerning the eyelid lift.

Eye Lid Lift from 550 €

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Brief information about Eye Lid Lift


Local anaesthesia


30 – 60 minutes

Stay in the clinic



after 4 – 6 weeks

Sun / Solarium

after 6 weeks

after about 2 weeks

Things to know about your Eye Lid Lift in the Czech Republic

Upper Eyelid Lift
from 550 €

Lower Eyelid Lift
from 650 €

Upper and Lower Eyelid Lift
from 1.000 €

About 4 weeks before the surgery, you should reduce smoking. Moreover, alcohol should be avoided. About 2 weeks before the surgery you should not take anticoagulants (Aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid containing drugs). About 2 weeks before the surgery you should avoid sunbathing or solarium particularly on the face.

In order to conduct the surgery you need a blood count and an electrocardiogram. In case you want to have the results before your appointment with your surgeon, your general practitioner can provide you with them. In this case you can bring the results with you (the results should not be older than two weeks). However, it is not mandatory to conduct these tests beforehand. The tests that you need in order to decide if you are ready for the operation will also be made directly at the clinic.

Before the surgery you will be informed during a detailed consultation talk on how the surgery is done. During this consultation you will be informed about possible complications and risks. It is advisable that you write down all the questions you have concerning the surgery, before your appointment at the clinic. The eye lid lift is done under local anaesthesia. Before the anaesthesia you will be advised by an anaesthetist about the risks, complications and the course of the narcosis. The anaesthetist will be present during the surgery.

You should have sun glasses with you, to wear it after the surgery in order to protect the fresh scars. When travelling home, you should not drive yourself, as the eyes still need a lot of rest and are very sensitive.

During the first few days after the surgery you should reduce your activities to a minimum. After about 1-2 weeks you can carry out your every day activities as usual again. Taking showers one day after the surgery is usually not a problem. However, you have to take care that the eyes are protected against sunlight. After about 4 weeks you can do sports again.

You should avoid sunbaths, solarium, and sauna for about 6 weeks. After about 4 weeks you can apply eye makeup again. Please look after the scars after the stitches have been removed (after about 5-7 days) by applying panthenol-containing ointments. After about 10 days you can use moisturiser for the eye region again.

After an eyelid lift you may feel a slight tension. This can usually be alleviated by eye ointments and eye drops. After the treatment there can occur swellings, “black eyes”, and a feeling of tautness. These symptoms however subside within a few weeks. Like after every other surgery there are risks of possible infections, unaesthetic scars, an enduring feeling of tautness, pain, and haematoma.

A circulatory disorder as a result of nicotine can lead to a wound necrosis. A very rare complication is a permanent facial musculature disorder, which can occur in case nerves are injured. Particularly after large surgeries in the area of the eyelid musculature, it is possible that the eyelids cannot be completely closed.

Even when the wound healing is normal, scars can initially become red or harden. After a while they will fade, they become inconspicuous. You will be informed on further risks and possible side-effects in a comprehensive handout.

The description of the operation is generally phrased and can’t replace the personal consultation with the cosmetic surgeon. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to show before/after pictures, due to the fact that this is forbidden by the Law on Advertising in the Health Care System.

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