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Since 2001we from cosmetic-op are your competent contact in regards to the preparation, the support and the aftercare with all classic operations of the cosmetic surgery.

We offer you an uncomplicated procedure, whilst we are taking care of the planning of the appointment with all our cosmetic surgeons. Thereby, we always realize the perfect appointment for a consultation and/or an operation.

You decide in advance if you want a consultation appointment with a certain surgeon or if you want a consultation appointment in combination with the desired operation afterwards.

You arrive at the arranged consultation appointment. During the consultation appointment your surgeon personally informs you in detail about the possibilities and the procedure of your operation.

An important aspect of the consultation is the thorough consideration of risks and eventual complications of the surgery. In addition to that we will inform you about the postoperative progress of the operation. It would be helpful if you write down all the questions that you want to ask the surgeon, before you arrive at the clinic. In case you subsequently decide to make the operation we gladly coordinate a convenient operation appointment.

The advantage is that you only have to arrive once. You have the consultation before the surgery appointment. You will be informed in detail about the possibilities, the procedure of the operation and the postoperative process of the operation. It is helpful if you write down all the questions you have before your appointment. When all your questions are answered to your full satisfaction you can decide if the desired operation should take place on that day. The medical examination will be conducted after your approval.

All medical examinations will be conducted in the clinic, unless you decide to make a breast operation and are older than 40 years. Then you should conduct a mammography or at least an ultrasound examination of your breast at your gynecologist and bring it along.

In case you have any concerns that the operation is not possible, because of any health issues, it is advisable to make a medical examination before you come to the clinic.

You should stop smoking four weeks before the operation. Painkillers that contain salicylic acid (Aspirin) shouldn’t be taken for about 14 days before the planned surgery. For some surgeons it is important that you don’t take the birth control pill right before the operation, in order to prevent thrombosis and embolism. For further information you can contact us.

After your application for the appointment, we conduct the whole preparation for the surgery for you. This means that both the operation suite, the anesthetist, the medical professional personnel and the hospital bed is reserved for you. To our safety you pay a deposit of 20% of the operation costs according to the current cost report.

In case you decide after the consultation that you don’t want the surgery, you get the deposit minus a small fee of 75 Euro for the consultation.

In case you decide after the consultation that you want the operation, you pay the remaining costs of 80% according to the current cost report, as well as the eventual costs for the stay in the clinic, the medical examination and compression corsets.

In case you are interested in an appointment, you can contact us via phone under +49(0)81225537720 or via email at You reach us every day between 8 am and 8 pm and on the weekends and holiday days from 1 pm to 7 pm.

We gladly answer your questions in regards to the organization and the availability of the appointments for the consultation and the operation.

In order to coordinate an obligatory appointment we need the filled out application form for your appointment. The contract for the medical performances comes into being after your personal consultation and only when you decide to conduct the planned operation, in form of a declaration of consent directly between you and the surgeon.

Immediately after the booking you receive a written confirmation for your planned consultation, respectively in combination with your planned operation appointment, the stay in the clinic, the operation costs and if you want, a booking confirmation for the stay in a hotel near the clinic.

In general you arrive one day before the planned operation for the consultation and the medical tests. Until the following day of the operation and for the days you have to stay in the clinic we can book a hotel for you and your accompanying person in a hotel near the clinic.

In case you travel by train or airplane, we take care of the transfer. Please inform us about the place, the arrival time and an eventual flight number.