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The PDO Thread lift is the newest modern method that enables to lift, rejuvenate and to improve the structure oft he skin in a similar way to a surgical lift, without the need for a surgery and its consequences. You get the effect of a facelift without the use of a scalpel and without scars. It can be described as a minimally invasive approach to a more youthful looking appearance. The PDO lift can be conducted in local anesthetic and it is recommended up to the age of 55. 

The thread is usually made of soluble PDO (polydioxanone) which is well known in medicine for a long time. The PDO threads are inserted in the skin and subcutaneous fat or muscle with a very fine needle. 

Once the threads are applied they gently mode sagging tissue upwards. Thereby, they give a lifting appearance while they restore the natural look of the face. The lifting effect can be recognized immediately and it improves throughout the following days and weeks as the PDO stimulates the production of collagen. 

The texture of the skin is improved and it becomes thicker and firmer while the fine lines and wrinkles disappear. Depending on where the PDO lift is applied, different threads are used. The threads are absorbable and will dissolve within 9-12 months, yet they still remain the revitalizing effect for several years.

The PDO lift can be applied at the face, around the eyes, the nasolabial area and between the eyes and the forehead. It can also be applied at the neck area, the breasts, the arm pits, the arms, the thighs, the buttocks and the belly. 

 The only side effects that can arise are bruises on the area that the threads are applied. Depending on the healing process of the patient it can come to small edemas and a temporary redness. 

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Brief infromation to the liposuction

Local anaesthesia

approximately 1 hour

Stay in the clinic
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after 2-4 weeks

8-12 weeks

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Things to know about the PDO Lift in the Czech Republic

1 area 
(eg. forehead, cheek, chin or neck)

from 490 €

both hands
from 490 €

face (complete) 
from 1090 €

face and neck
from 1290€

Décolleté and breast
from 990€

upper arm
from 690€

from 690€

About 4 weeks before the surgery, you should reduce smoking. Moreover alcohol should be avoided. On the day of the surgery you should not have your menstruation. About 2 weeks before the surgery you should not take anticoagulants (Aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid containing drugs). Not later than 3 weeks before the surgery the birth control pill must be discontinued.

In order to conduct the surgery you need a blood count and an electrocardiogram. In case you want to have the results before your appointment with your surgeon, your general practitioner can provide you with them. In this case you can bring the results with you (the results should not be older than two weeks). However, it is not mandatory to conduct these tests beforehand. The tests that you need in order to decide if you are ready for the operation will also be made directly at the clinic.

If you are over 40 you need a complete blood count and an ECG.

Disorders in the sensitivity of the skin (feeling of numbness) at the affected areas usually ease after a certain time. Usually you stay in the clinic for one night after the surgery. The next day you have a thorough follow-up examination before you go home. To make it easier for you, you should have an accompanying person with you, as you should not drive home yourself. Make sure that you have enough breaks that allow you to move in order to remove the risk of thrombosis.  

After a few days you can take up easy activities again. However, you should not do sports for about 6-8 weeks, sunbaths, solarium and sauna only after 8-10 weeks. After about 4 days you can take showers again. After 10 days you can take showers without the corsage. From this time on, you can take off the compression clothing for half an hour a day.

Make sure that you drink enough after the liposuction, in order to balance the loss of liquid during the surgery. With a well-balanced nutrition and some sports you can easily keep the shape of your body. Support your body by eating enough vitamins. To improve the elasticity of your skin you should apply body lotion, massages, take cold showers, and do peelings.

The description of the operation is generally phrased and can’t replace the personal consultation with the cosmetic surgeon. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to show before/after pictures, due to the fact that this is forbidden by the Law on Advertising in the Health Care System.

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