Breast Enlargement - your professional breast operation in the Czech Republic

With a breast enlargement the size and the form of the breast can be modified. An enlargement of the breasts is done with an implant. Usually the ability to breast feed a baby is not affected.

With a breast enlargement a lot of women hope to fulfill their dream of a feminine appearance. This wish can especially arise after a high weight reduction or a pregnancy. This is why the breast enlargement is one of the most common surgeries that are conducted by our surgeons in the Czech Republic.

The goal of this breast surgery is to assure the aesthetic and natural form of your breast. With a breast enlargement in the Czech Republic you can fulfill this wish very easily and to an inexpensive price.

The surgeons in our clinics in the Czech Republic use solely brand implants that are certified by the EU in order to ensure a professional result. 


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Brief information to the breast enlargement

general anaesthetic
1-2 hours
Stay in the clinic
1 day
Support bra
6 weeks day and night
after 3 months
after 6 months
4 - 6 weeks no heavy lifting
2 months no long-distance flights

Things to know about your breast enlargement in the Czech Republic

Breast enlargement inclusive round implants
from 1800 €

Extra price for anatomically shaped implants
400 €

Breast Lift with Enlargement
from 2200 €

Chest Enlargement for men
from 2500 €

Breast enlargement with own fat
from 3400 €

1st under the breast (inframammary incision):

The surgeon makes an about 4cm long incision under the breast, close the inframammary fold. The implant is then placed in front of or behind the muscle. This technique has the advantage of an easy preparation and it gives the surgeon optimal visibility of the breast while working. One disadvantage may be that the scar can possibly be seen when you lie down.

2rd around the nipple (periareolar incision):

The surgeon makes an incision around the areola. The implant can be placed in front of or behind the muscle. Advantages are that the scar is hardly visible and that the areola can be adjusted during the surgery. Moreover, the incision is accommodates a good visibility for the surgeon. Disadvantages are that the incision is very narrow and that the ability to breastfeed a baby can be eliminated.

About 4 weeks before the surgery, you should reduce smoking. Moreover alcohol should be avoided. On the day of the surgery you should not have your menstruation. About 2 weeks before the surgery you should not take anticoagulants (Aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid containing drugs). In case you are a woman and you are on the birth control pill you should stop taking it for 3 weeks before the surgery.

In order to conduct the surgery you need a blood count and an electrocardiogram. In case you want to have the results before your appointment with your surgeon, your general practitioner can provide you with them. In this case you can bring the results with you (the results should not be older than two weeks). However, it is not mandatory to conduct these tests beforehand. The tests that you need in order to decide if you are ready for the operation will also be made directly at the clinic.

If you are older than 40 a mammography or an ultrasound of your breast is additionally required.

Before the surgery you will be informed during a detailed consultation talk on how the surgery is done. During this consultation you will be informed about possible complications and risks. It is advisable that you write down all the questions you have concerning the surgery, before your appointment at the clinic.

The surgery will be conducted under general anaesthesia. Before the anaesthesia you will be advised by an anaesthetist about the risks, complications and possible alternatives to a narcosis. The anaesthetist will be present during the surgery. A general anaesthesia means stress for the body. During narcosis risks or complications can occur, depending on previous diseases and your general state of health.

Please make sure that an accompanying person is with you and there is a person that can help you in the first days at home as you will need a lot of rest. Usually you can travel home one day after the surgery after a thorough follow-up examination. However you should not drive yourself. If during the surgery you get drainages, these will be normally removed the next day.

Like after every other surgery, after breast augmentation complications like haematoma, secondary bleeding, a shift of the implants, or a capsula fibrosis can occur. Breast implants can also cause a deterioration of feelings in the breast and around the nipple; this effect however normally disappears after several weeks. A feeling of tautness is normal and subsides usually after a short period of time.

You will have to wear the supporting bra 6-8 weeks day and night, so that your breast is supported and the implants cannot shift. After the wound is completely closed, you can take showers or baths. You should avoid sports, sauna, and solarium for 6-8 weeks. After 1-2 weeks you will be able to work again. In order to support the process of healing you can activate the blood flow by taking cold showers. You can apply scar ointment (i. e. Dermatix), salves, or baby lotion after the wound is completely closed in order to look after the scar.

Please don't forget to go to the follow-up examinations regularly: after 4 weeks, after 6 months, after 12 months, and once every year after the surgery. It can be carried out in the clinic in the Czech Republic or at your gynecologist.

Usually, the pain that you feel within the first 48 hours can be alleviated by pain killers that you will get in hospital. Normally pain becomes less and less every day. Like after every surgery secondary haemorrhages cannot be excluded. Therefore you should avoid taking acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) and other acetylsalicylic acid containing drugs two weeks before the surgery.

After the surgery there can occur blood clots in the main veins (thrombosis), these can be carried further and thus block a blood vessel (embolism). As prevention it can be considered to take anticoagulant drugs (i. e. injections of heparin), however these cause an increased bleeding tendency and in very rare cases grave dysfunctions of blood coagulation.

Even when the wound healing is normal, scars can initially become red or harden. After a while they will fade, they become inconspicuous. An implant can change its length or form due to a capsular tear. In this case a correction surgery can be necessary. Due to external forces it is possible that the implant is ripped. You will be informed on further risks and possible side-effects in a comprehensive handout

The description of the operation is generally phrased and can’t replace the personal consultation with the cosmetic surgeon. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to show before/after pictures, due to the fact that this is forbidden by the Law on Advertising in the Health Care System.

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